Grit, Grind, Routine. Hate It or Love It, but Execute.

I am bouncing all over the place today. Struggling to stay with the routine, stay on task, stay focused, have grit. Not just wrestling with grinding through tasks, I am in a hurricane, a force of thoughts which mashed to-do’s and feelings, and formed a sky high column of swirling utter chaos. Colorful blimps, of random “must do”, “love to do”, “should have done”, “hate every second of it” are whizzing around my head, spew out occasional muttering or a smile, while I am stuck in place.

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Наблюдение о книгах

Вчера в самолете из Миннеаполиса домой читал business литературу. Но после 16ти часового дня мозги не соображали, информация не воспринималась и минуты полета длились как часы… Переключился на художественную и Continue reading “Наблюдение о книгах”