Who is Michael?

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Hey there! My name is Michael Davidovich and I’m a student, mentor, reader, entrepreneur, father, son, friend, and hundreds of more roles, just like we all, I play each day.

I am curious about many things. I believe that we (people) are forever learners and there is so much for us to know, that a single lifetime can’t even scratch the surface.

This site, is a personal record of my interests, of a journey of growing intellectually, creatively, and spiritually;

An examination of how to live, work, and what it means to lead a good life. My curiosity leads me to unpredictable places. I explore science, places, philosophy, design, business, music, history, relationships, people, literature, and much more. These subjects are my building blocks. They enrich the mental resources, illuminating, and gaining insights from each other. As a result, I get combinative ideas that are smarter, richer, and more impactful.

I am not writing in order to teach you something you don’t know. This is my sharing of the discoveries, ideas, and interests that occur along the way. Some might spark your interest or might remind you of something you already knew and I hope to learn it from You.

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