Love Letter. (#500WED Writing Challenge)

If there is one stereotype about men, in which we are almost universally accused of by women, it’s the ability for us to express Love. Not surprising, when I looked at today’s writing challenge topic, a bit of panic set it. ”I have to write what? A Love Letter?!?” Sappy, sticky, gooey love letter… Well, here is my attempt at it, let me know what you think? 

Love Letter
Image courtesy of Peter Hellberg

To Know Love.

In truth, I am good and humble guy, who as most other men keep more inside then lets the world see. Don’t think I am bragging when I say, that I have been very blessed (Thank You G~d!) with a soul to feel as deep as oceans, and a spirit full of happiness and life. I am blessed with parents, who have brought me into this amazing world and raised me who I am; health to have the strength; wit to know how much I don’t know and still understand; grit to persevere in my long haul quests; heart to see the black from white, deep down in my gut when all around me gets grey and there is no light, no clear path to guide me right; curiosity, which finds the world around me amazing, full of wonder, I want to know, explore and live it! I am blessed with money to break bread and put a roof above my head, and clothing on my back. I’ve traveled much around the world and seen amazing sights. I strive for a vibrant life, a constant go, to give, to learn, to be the most of which I can become before the maker calls me back. I pray that day is long from now. Amongst all blessings that I have, there is THE ONE, my dear, YOU! So special to me, that the thought alone of how magnificent you are, makes me weep and puts a nut deep in my gut.

I think back to that warm, autumn day we met. I was a wreck, and nervous, stressed. I hope you can imagine the ruckus that filled that day, like being in a hurricane, the unfamiliar sounds, the foreign things, swarms of hustling folk all busy with their efforts. There I sat. The time was dragging, the clock tick-tacked at glacier speed. The thoughts of meeting you raced with anticipation… and then, that moment came. You have arrived into my life; I held you in my arms and gazed upon a miracle, the miracle that’s you. The world stood frozen, and in it seems to be just you. I smiled with the biggest grin from ear to ear, looking like a total fool, but not caring, because the only feeling I could feel was deep and total LOVE toward you. It struck like lightning, through every fiber of my being. It froze all, stopped all time, mind, life, and gripped me in its hold, and permanently marked my heart with love toward you. I can’t tell how long I’ve held you, it might have been moments, minutes, or hours, but it felt like all eternity to me.

Of course, so many years passed since then. The Master Time rips off the pages of the calendar, but since that moment, never once, was I the same. Life has resumed its course in a whole new world, the one with you in it. It brought along the trials, and triumphs, and smiles and frowns, and laughter, and tears of joy and tears of pain. Through all of that, I’ve learned a lot about my love for you. My love has grown, changed, evolved it’s boundless and unconditional; it does not demand reciprocity, bears no dependencies, and places no obligations onto you. It is a blessing, unlike any others, because it’s always present, it’s always on, it always IS.

I Love You! <3

Dedicated to my daughter.

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