A Day for Brutally Honest Review.

July 1st. The perfect day to pause and to reflect on how this year is going.

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Today is the perfect day to be brutally honest with me and to reflect on how the year is going. July 1st is the calendar’s way of reminding us, that half of the year has gone by, and we are heading into 2nd half. We might not want it, like it, or care to notice, but we can’t miss it, because today will happen with or without our consent.

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Grit, Grind, Routine. Hate It or Love It, but Execute.

I am bouncing all over the place today. Struggling to stay with the routine, stay on task, stay focused, have grit. Not just wrestling with grinding through tasks, I am in a hurricane, a force of thoughts which mashed to-do’s and feelings, and formed a sky high column of swirling utter chaos. Colorful blimps, of random “must do”, “love to do”, “should have done”, “hate every second of it” are whizzing around my head, spew out occasional muttering or a smile, while I am stuck in place.

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Corporate Deserter! (#500WED Writing Challenge)


Corporate Deserter!


7:45 AM  The residents of 99 Percent Woods, a lovely community, woke up this morning unsuspected of the catastrophic news would change the life as they knew it.  While they were going about their morning business, the local newspaper courier was making his rounds with the daily update from “The Chirp”, causing mass panic, traffic congestion, and increased sales of anti-depressants in his wake. Continue reading “Corporate Deserter! (#500WED Writing Challenge)”

Love Letter. (#500WED Writing Challenge)

If there is one stereotype about men, in which we are almost universally accused of by women, it’s the ability for us to express Love. Not surprising, when I looked at today’s writing challenge topic, a bit of panic set it. ”I have to write what? A Love Letter?!?” Sappy, sticky, gooey love letter… Well, here is my attempt at it, let me know what you think?  Continue reading “Love Letter. (#500WED Writing Challenge)”