Social Programs Murdered by Corporate Deserter! #500WED Writing Challenge.

Shocking headlines, controversial stories and gossip dominate media coverage. Today’s writing challenge is exactly that. A fictional news story about Social Programs being murdered by Corporate Deserter in the little community of 99 Percent Woods.

Day 3 writing prompt: Have you ever written a press release or an Associated Press type article? I want you to write an article about something that outrages you, and quote yourself in the article – in other words, as if a reporter interviewed you, but in this case, you are both reporter and interviewee. Here are a couple of examples: (warning: politics are mentioned in both of these, and in my piece, plenty of foul language): Have fun with it! You can make it funny or serious or silly.

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Social Programs Murdered by Corporate Deserter!

99 Percent Woods, 7:45 AM PWT.  The residents in this lovely, quite, wooded community named “99 Percent Woods” woke up this mornings unsuspected that today’s catastrophic news would change the life as they knew it.  While they were going about their morning business, the local courier named Chick Oor, was making his rounds with the daily status update “The Chirp”, immediately causing mass panic, traffic congestion and loss of dental coverage.

The Chirp revealed the announcement from the largest and only enterprise of this community, owned and operated by wealthy and resented Mr Ant Bunny, why apparently had the ears, and decided to close down his agricultural enterprises and related facilities with the purpose of relocating them to a rival community of Chinmexindigapur!

“This is an outrage!” screamed Mrs. Bacon as she almost chocked on her morning donut when she heard the new. “Mr. Ant Bunny has been the one and only producing tax payer ages! This great honor, has been graciously granted to him by our residents since his arrival here! He can’t decide just to quit it!”

We obtained an interview from Mr. Ant Bunny to get his eyes on the issue, he shared with us that the idea initially appeared to him years ago, with maturation of Kris the political winds began to change, but as dedicated member of the community he could not conceive this would ever be the case. “If only I worked a little harder, switched to a cloud powered wheelbarrow, hired a management consultant, switched to organic produce, I could have pull this together and saved the enterprise”.

Apparently, the proverbial stick that broke ant’s back, came earlier this week, when the 99 Percent Woods Council approved a Bill BS1000, which put into effect a law requiring all community tax payers, to prepare power point presentation regarding their actions and submit them for permitting at least 365 days in advance of actions taken or face paying hefty fees for violation failure to obtain permits.

The Council Member Mr. Zebra explained that deliberations surrounding the BS1000 went on for a long time. That the council was faced with a tough job of balancing the budget, while keeping the public safe, and several key programs were at stake, for example residents would have to abandon the endless days of holidays season and limit visits to world renown “Nice Place to Spa and Play” center.
Mother Chicken, with tears running down her eyes said that “Corporations were trying to cut the playtime for my little Chick Oor, in the new 5 star Sandy Taj Playground, from unlimited to maximum of 24 hours per day! Who can count all those hours? What are we? Animals?”

“Our Citizens would not stand for those reductions!” explained Mr. Lwo, another council member who participated in the discussion, “and money for public programs had to be found somewhere. Our council follows a fair, democratic principals, where all votes count, and Mr. Ant Bunny had an opportunity to voice his concerns with his vote. With 6 votes For and 1 Against the BS1000 was passed into law! See His voted did count!”

Well Mr. Ant Bunny certainly let the town down, and is at completely fault for neglecting to maintain proper enterprise and value the public trust. Investigation probe has been launched into orbit to determined other shady dealings this sad gentleman, but the fallout of this day is far from over, we will return to 99 Percent Woods and examine this thriving community and it’s life in the future.

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