A Day for Brutally Honest Review.

July 1st. The perfect day to pause and to reflect on how this year is going.

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Today, is the perfect day to be brutally honest with my self and to reflect on how the year is going. July 1st is calendars way of reminding us, that half of the year has gone by, and we are heading into 2nd half. We might not want it, like it, or care to notice, but we can’t miss it, because today will happen with or without our consent.

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Grit, Grind, Routine. Hate It or Love It, but Execute.

I am bouncing all over the place today. Struggling to stay with the routine, stay on task, stay focused, have grit. Not just wrestling with grinding through tasks, I am in a hurricane, a force of thoughts which mashed to-do’s and feelings, and formed a sky high column of swirling utter chaos. Colorful blimps, of random “must do”, “love to do”, “should have done”, “hate every second of it” are whizzing around my head, spew out occasional muttering or a smile, while I am stuck in place.

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Наблюдение о книгах

Вчера в самолете из Миннеаполиса домой читал business литературу. Но после 16ти часового дня мозги не соображали, информация не воспринималась и минуты полета длились как часы… Переключился на художественную и Continue reading “Наблюдение о книгах”

Endings, or Knowing when to Quit. #500WED Writing Challenge.

In my youth, and early days of the Internet, I was determined to get, what now can only be called “Idiotic”, startup of the ground. At the end, not knowing when to quit and bring the business to an ending, I toiled much, much longer than I should have with dire consequences to everything else in life: grades, job, relationship, friends, etc.
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Ukraine, two sides of the story of Horlivka. #500WED Challenge.

The geopolitical situation playing out in Ukraine, tragically affects the lives of people caught in the middle. According to news reports, as of September 2014, over one thousand people have been killed outside the direct military engagement. This post looks at two sides of the events in the small town of Horlivka, one as reported by the media and the other as a story of people on the ground. This story is based on true events and real people. The names have been changed and any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.
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